North of Bloor 011 - Sofie Mikhaylova

Biblioteka Records was created in 2017 by Sofie Mikhaylova as a platform for Toronto electronic artists to release their music. Biblioteka currently has four artists signed to it, including Sofie Mikhaylova herself.

One artist on her label, HF5, put out a new single today (Feb 23rd), called No Reverse:

3 Hands 4 Milo, another artist on her label will be releasing a new single April 9th. 

North of Bloor 010 - Christopher Whittaker

Christopher Whittaker teaches guided meditations to help people overcome obstacles and be more aware and present within life.

If you’re by St George station from 6-8 on May 25th Chris will be running a program called Love Train 4.0 where he will be handing out positive messages and life wisdom to everyone in the area.

You can also catch his meditation class called Oneness with Breath at Happy Soul (961 Bloor St W). The next one is June 5th.

And don’t forget to check out his website for more information about his classes and his story.

North of Bloor 008 - Jonny Dovercourt

Jonny Dovercourt is a cofounder of Wavelength in Toronto. Wavelength is a curated non-profit music series made to bridge the gab between genres and bring indie musicians together. Over the 17 years Wavelength has been active in the Toronto music scene they have hosted 500 Sunday night showcases and puts on around 20 shows a year, including 2 festivals: Wavelength Music Festival and Camp Wavelength.

Camp Wavelength is August 18th - 20th, check the trailer:

A clip from The Ex and Getachew Mekuria show that Jonny mentions as being a highlight over the years:

North of Bloor 003 - Dan Christensen

Dan Christensen, a Toronto improviser and writer, joins North of Bloor to talk comedy in Toronto, the making of his web series, and pizza.

Dan is part of an upcoming F*cking Sketch Radio show on March 14th at Social Capital Theatre.

He is also a part of the Daisy Players, which is currently raising money to bring their show Lol Lol Land to a Fringe Festival.

Follow Daisy Productions on Facebook for more info on upcoming shows